WATCH: Video shows exact moment power pole crashed down on couple's car

Thousands without power after electrical pole falls on car (KOMO photo)

TUKWILA, Wash. - Police have released traffic camera video footage showing the exact moment a car was impaled by a massive power pole that tumbled over Friday in a chain reaction that brought down one pole after another

The two people in the car - Tom and Linda Cook - survived the harrowing ordeal with just a few bruises and cuts.

“It couldn’t have picked a more perfect place to hit - it saved our lives I have no doubt,” said Tom Cook.

In releasing video of the accident, Tukwila police expressed relief that the Cooks were not seriously injured or killed.

"We are grateful that the occupants of the vehicle survived and suffered only minor injuries and that no one else was injured," police said in a Twitter posting.

The couple said they’d been driving on Marginal Way getting ready to check out the jets at Boeing Field like they do every day, then suddenly they saw a flash.

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In fact, many witnesses saw some sort of flash in the sky at the time of the bizarre accident - and a flash can be seen in one part of the video footage as well. But meteorologists say there were no lightning strikes recorded in the area. There’s still no word what triggered the chain reaction.

First responders said it all started when a power pole fell down, then people ran for cover as a domino effect of 24 poles came crashing down, stretching a mile on Marginal Way.

"All of a sudden, a storm front came in, it just poured rain sideways all through the place and then there was a huge explosion, fire, smoke everywhere,” said witness Kimber Dale. "And then it was one after another, after another."

"All I heard was this loud boom crashing and power lines are falling,” said witness Juarez Rosborough.

The pole that toppled onto the car still had live wires, posing a challenge for rescuers.

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