Waze app's data shows Portland is the fifth-worst U.S. city to drive in

Portland traffic - photo by Mike Warner

PORTLAND, Ore. – Waze, the traffic monitoring app, just released its annual Driver Satisfaction Index and the data shows Portland motorists aren’t very satisfied.

The information shows the worst cities to drive in and Portland cracked the to 10.

According to the app, the Rose City is the fifth-worst metropolitan area to drive in.

Seattle didn’t even make the cut.

Portland ranked worse than San Francisco and just slightly better than Los Angeles, which came in fourth-worst.

San Diego, Calif. came in third. Jacksonville, Fla. came in second and Honolulu, Hawai’i ranked worst of them all.

The data weighed rankings such as traffic, safety, driver services, and road quality to come up with their results.

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