Website aims to help busy brides

PORTLAND, Ore. "It was chaotic. You're interviewing a DJ here and a caterer there then running to your wedding planner to talk about day of plans," Melissa Wilmot said.

It's been ten years since creator Melissa Wilmot walked the aisle, but she still remembers all the stress.

"I was living in Portland and planning a wedding in San Diego so it was really difficult," Wilmot said.

So she came up with a new way to help brides-to-be. It's a one stop shop for all your wedding needs. You just create a profile, then select what you're looking for such as a florist or a DJ. Then verified vendors offer their bids and you decide who gets your business.

There's even a vendor review system.

"We want our couples to get the reality of the vendor. If they have a negative review that may sway them in a different direction," Wilmot said.

After a year of planning the site went live. Wilmot admits she was a little nervous until the bids starting coming in.

"I was jumping up and down. I think I called everybody I knew. It confirmed the idea worked," Wilmot said.

The best part, couples don't pay to use the site. The vendors are charged 2% of the bid price.

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