Website for Mount St. Helens climbing permits crashes

Mount St. Helens. (KATU File Photo)

It was the day people hoping to climb Mount St. Helens this year were waiting for, but it ended in a mountain of disappointment.

The Mount St. Helens Institute put climbing permits up for grabs Thursday morning at nine.

Only 100 are available each day between midday to the end of October, so the demand is fierce.

But so many people got online, the site crashed.

“Right at 9 o’clock, I was clicking through, and got the day I was looking for – it was a Saturday in June – and I added the 12 permits to my basket, and then the whole site went haywire,” said Rich Green. “And for the next hour, it kept crashing and saying there were errors and too many connections. And it never came back up.”

The Mount St. Helens Institute issued a statement apologizing for the mishap.

Further word on the next step will be out by Monday at 5 p.m.

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