'We're all human beings': Portland real estate moguls create temporary homeless shelter

The temporary homeless shelter at Washington Center Office Building

Portland real estate mogul Barry Menashe and his son Jordan donated a floor of a downtown Portland building to help house dozens of homeless men over the next six months.

The shelter, located on the second floor of the Washington Center Building on SW 4th Avenue, opened with the help of nonprofit Transition Projects, the Portland Business Alliance and City Hall.

Jordan Menashe told KATU the project was personal for them -- Jordan's aunt and uncle had spent time on the streets for years, both suffering from mental illnesses.

"I've received hundreds and hundreds of emails, texts, and Facebook messages and calls to our offices with people asking how they can help. Everybody in some way, shape or form is connected to homeless or mental health," he explained. "It strikes a nerve for our family."

The shelter is expected to help more than 150 men.

"It's a short-term fix to a complicated issue," Menashe said.

Menashe says the entire deal took only a month to complete. He says it's a good example of what can be accomplished when everyone works together to solve a complex problem.

"We're all human beings and everybody has certain rights," he said. "One of those rights is to be treated like a human being."

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