Week 5: Does West Linn's Lauren B. get another rose?

Screenshot from ABC's "The Bachelor"

Short answer:

No, but she's not off the show. For dramatic purposes, the rose ceremony was not included in Monday's episode and will go on as planned next week.

Long answer:

Eleven ladies and Bachelor Ben Higgins made their way to Mexico City (it's the political and cultural capital of Mexico, says Wikipedia/Ben) from Las Vegas.

The trip starts off with a one-on-one date card given to the only mom on the show, Amanda. She's taken on a hot air balloon ride with Ben, along with a third, undisclosed gentleman, who we presume was very uncomfortable as the American love birds held each other high above the ancient city of Teotihuacan (Insert Ben dropping more Wikipedia-based knowledge on the ancient city and its pyramids here). This is also a good time to mention Amanda was woken up by Ben prior to the date and was conveniently in full make-up. Funny how that works.

Amanda tells Ben how the father of her two kids repeatedly cheated on her and that's what led to their divorce. Ben the Bach comforts her by asking how someone so great could be treated like that -- she's so great and incredible, says Ben.

She's then given a rose, and has a free pass for the [delayed] rose ceremony.

We circle back to the rest of the women hanging out back at the hotel -- the dreaded group date card is delivered for Jojo, Becca, Jennifer, Lauren B. (!), Caila, Emily, Jubilee, Leah (who?) and Olivia (who was absolutely livid she didn't get another one-on-one). This means Lauren H., a mostly soft-spoken teacher from Michigan, is getting a one-on-one (but more on that later).

The women are brought to a bustling market/restaurant in Mexico City, but not before going through a basic Spanish lesson ("Te amo," all the women tell Ben).

At the market, the women are asked to pair up, go grocery shopping and cook a meal (because when you know how to cook, you're ready to get married, a professional chef quipped). Olivia, being the evil genius she is, grabbed Ben as her partner. Lets fast-forward through some cute cooking scenes to Olivia and Ben's meal covered in crickets because Olivia says "people here love crickets." The chefs who tried the food said the meal tasted like dog food, so there's that.

Olivia gets the rose because we have to keep the crazy train rolling for another week.

Ben goes on a mostly bland date with Lauren H. She talks about having a boyfriend who cheated on her and how she now reverts to happiness. They walk in a fashion show and put on fun hats. She gets a rose. Blah.

Later in the evening, all 11 women gather for a cocktail party with Ben, who is very impressed and thankful the group went out of their element today by speaking Spanish.

Our own Lauren B. goes on a walk-turn make-out session with Ben through the streets of Mexico City while the rest of the group sulks. The passion is strong with these two.

Jubilee, a war veteran and one of our favorite women on the show, has slowly faded to the background. You can tell she has lost the confidence she gained several weeks ago during a one-on-one and is discouraged by the whole process. She has an honest talk with Ben about it, and he tells her he doesn't feel as though their relationship is moving forward like the others and that it would be best for her to leave.

Cue tears. Lots and lots of tears. "I'm the most unlovable person in the world right now," Jubilee says to herself as she leaves in a taxi.

Back to Ben. He sits in a dark stairwell for a few minutes and cries, then goes back to the rest of the women. He starts explaining what happened with Jubilee when Jojo cuts him off and steals him away. Sigh.

Cue Amanda telling the rest of the woman about her kids and when her ex-husband takes care of them. Olivia jokes (?) it's like an episode of "Teen Mom," and all hell breaks loose.

One of the twins (well there's only one left now anyway) decides enough is enough and pulls Ben away to tell him about how manipulative Olivia is.

The women line up for the rose ceremony, and Ben pulls Olivia away for a private conversation... and that's where the show leaves us: TO BE CONTINUED.

Watch next week's episode Monday at 8 p.m. on KATU.

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