West Linn police respond to several burglaries, arrest two suspects

James Oneill mug shot courtesy Clackamas County Jail

WEST LINN, Ore. – West Linn police officers responded to three unrelated burglaries and arrested two people over the weekend.

The police department said they responded to the first burglary on Friday in the area of Clark Street and Oregon City Boulevard. A neighbor heard a window break and then saw a man climbing into her neighbor’s house.

Without hesitating, police said the woman called 911.

Officers responded, searched the area and located the suspect. He was arrested but not lodged in jail because of an injury

The second burglary occurred in the area of Cottonwood Court and Hidden Springs Road.

Police said the suspect got in a fight with his girlfriend, then went on a walk and broke into five vehicles and one house.

The occupant of the house said someone rang her doorbell. As she approached the door and asked who was there, she heard a window break downstairs.

The resident immediately called 911.

With the help of the Lake Oswego Police Department K-9 unit, officers located and arrested 25-year-old James Daniel Oneill on charges of first-degree attempted burglary and first-degree probation violation burglary.

The third burglary occurred in the area of Cascade Terrace and Lorinda Lane, in a gated community.

Police said the victims left an outside door unlocked and a suspect was able to enter their home.

As the homeowners were sleeping, the woman woke up to the suspect standing at the door of her bedroom.

The woman woke her husband and the suspect fled.

The couple called police abound 20 minutes later. Officers searched the area, but did not locate the suspect.

They said they found the woman’s purse several houses away.

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