West Linn's Lauren B. gets caught in drama in latest 'Bachelor' episode

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Short story:

West Linn native Lauren B. got a rose, but it wasn't without drama. Leah (who has maybe spoken to Ben twice since the first rose ceremony) threw Lauren B. under the bus, saying she acts "differently" around Ben than she does around the other women. Lauren B. gets the last rose because she has amazing style and Ben likes her a lot.

Long story:

Monday night's episode picks up where we left off -- Ben pulls Olivia aside after several women told him she was manipulative. She says she really wants to be there and has strong feelings for Ben, etc, etc. She returns to the rose ceremony and lives to see another week, to the dismay of the rest of the women.

Jennifer (who also barely spoke to Ben since the first rose ceremony) was eliminated.

The group then headed to the Bahamas, where we have no desire to go due to the hurricane-like conditions in this episode. The one-on-one date was given to fan-favorite and always happy Caila. The rest of the women are upset because this is Caila's second one-on-one date -- most upset is Leah (who, we repeat, has not spoken to Ben since the first day).

Ben asks Caila why she smiles all the time, which is what we've been wondering this whole time (sadly, we didn't get an answer). Caila tells Ben she's afraid to totally fall for him. Moments later, she says she's falling in love with him and he gives her a rose. It was all very confusing.

Group date:

Lauren H., Lauren B., Leah (who is still inexplicably upset about not getting the one-on-one), Jojo, Amanda and Becca are taken on this writer's dream date to feed swimming pigs chicken sausages on the beach.

"I like pigs. I like to eat pigs." Leah says.

It's all fun and cute pigs until the five other women say Ben is so enthralled with Lauren B., that he apparently ignores everyone else. One after another, the women tell him they feel upset or ignored (yes, Leah is still complaining at this point and completely wastes the time she's talking to Ben to be a crybaby).

"I feel like I'm a group date groupie," Leah quips. "I'm human."

True on both accounts.

During the cocktail party several hours later, a massive storm erupts and honestly, the Bahamas look like the worst place to vacation.

Leah, reaching utter desperation levels, then decides to tell Ben that Lauren B. (our own sweet, fashionable Lauren B.) acts "differently" around the women than she does around Ben. This is all very puzzling because the Lauren B. we all know and love seems to have flown right under the drama radar the past few weeks and can do no wrong in our eyes.

Ben addresses this issue with Lauren B., who unleashes a lot of tears all the while it's pouring and windy and cold and absolutely horrible in the "Bahamas." She feels attacked so she asks the women who told Ben this lie. Leah, straight up, says she didn't do it (at this point, enemy #1 is Leah. We've almost forgotten about Olivia. Almost).

Amanda, the mom of two, is given the rose. Her connection with Ben is strong, but they haven't made hair clips for her kids in a couple weeks so maybe we should be concerned?

But wait -- there's more: Leah decides she hasn't done enough damage so she showers, straightens her hair and heads to Ben's abode (at this point, everyone's hair looks like a messy disaster and it's probably the least done-up the women have been in a month). You may be thinking she's there to finally get to know Ben and have a meaningful conversation, but she instead decides to further throw Lauren B. under the bus.

"I don't want to sit here and talk bad things about Lauren," says Ben, a very smart guy.

He then tells Leah to hit the bricks to Denver.

Then it's time for the dreaded two-on-one with one of the twins (Haley/Emily) and Olivia. They're taken on a boat ride to an island where it's incredibly windy and cold. Ben takes Olivia to the side, and she unleashes maybe the best quote from this entire show:

"Deep intellectual things are just my jam," Olivia says. "I've come to a lot of really amazing realizations lately. Like from the moment I met you I knew that it was right. I'm right, I'm in love with you."

Ben tells her he can't reciprocate her feelings and she's sent home (or is she? We never saw her get off the island...). A twin stays because Ben's ready to grow their relationship.

Rose ceremony:

Lauren B. gets the last rose! Lauren H. is sent home. Tears are shed, etc. etc. This is good news for us on several levels, but most importantly: we don't have to call Lauren B. "Lauren B." anymore. She has officially graduated to: Lauren.

Watch next week's episode Monday at 8 p.m. on KATU.

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