Widow of murdered security guard looking for closure

Frances Lyons speaks to a KATU News reporter about her husband, Benjamin, who was murdered while working a security detail near Columbia Way. (KATU Photo)

It's during her daily routine when Frances Lyons will briefly forget about the pain and slip into thinking her late husband is on his way home from work.

"If I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, all the sudden I get, 'Oh, I better wrap this for Ben. No,'" Lyons said.

It's the way she says "no" -- the way it trails off -- that's a reminder of her new reality. Benjamin Lyons, 83, was murdered in late February while working a security detail overnight near Columbia Way.

Lyons had gone to bed that night anticipating she'd wake up and be greeted by her husband coming home from work. She never got to say goodbye to her husband, and his unsolved murder is what's preventing her from having proper closure.

"There's a lot of honest people out there and I know somebody is going to step forward and say, 'I heard this' or 'I saw this,'" Lyons said.

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Vancouver police say with the help of Crime Stoppers of Oregon there's a $2,500 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case.

Investigators say the cause of death was "multiple sharp and blunt force injuries."

"He's really not dead; he's in my heart, and he always will be in my heart," Lyons said. "I have my arms around him and he has his arms around me each and every day."

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