Willamette Week: Dial 'L' for lotto

(KATU File Photo)

Do you play the Oregon Lottery?

You might now when you hear about some big changes coming your way: Mobile phone betting.

It’s one of the stories in this week’s Willamette Week, and it’s called “Dial ‘L’ for Lotto.”

Willamette Week’s Aaron Mesh joined KATU’s Steve Dunn Wednesday to discuss the topic.

“A couple weeks ago the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that states can have state-sponsored sports betting within their lotteries, and that has created something of a gold rush among state lotteries trying to figure out how to tap into that,” Mesh said. “The Oregon Lottery has its own particular plan, which is they hope to within the next year debut both sports gambling and mobile phone apps and then combine them. So that you have a sports gambling app.”

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