Wind gusts reach 70 miles per hour in Columbia River Gorge

Genevieve Reaume braces herself against the strong winds at Crown Poing on Dec. 7, 2017. KATU photo

CORBETT, Ore. – There’s a high wind warning in the Columbia River Gorge. Thursday morning, gusts reached more than 70 miles per hour.

The winds were also strong Wednesday and people traveled to Crown Point and Vista House to feel the force for themselves.

People stood upon the point and struggled to stay upright.

The conditions haven’t broken any records, but they are the strongest winds the area has seen so far this winter.

Drivers should prepare for the conditions if they plan to head to Interstate 84 or SR 14.

“The wind started to blow coming up I-84, but as we got up here, the last mile or so, it got really windy and bouncing the car around a lot. But nothing like right here. This is just incredible,” said Rick Verhaeghe who visited Crown Point Wednesday.

The high wind warning will likely last through the day.

Things should calm down by Friday.

In an effort to keep drivers safe and the roads clear, both Washington Department of Transportation and Oregon Department of Transportation will be watching for fallen trees on the highway and freeway.

ODOT will especially focus on the area of the Eagle Creek burn where trees could be more susceptible to falling.

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