Witness chases murder suspect off MAX before police arrive


Alvin Hall is holding his wife's hand a little tighter Saturday as he takes KATU News through his nightmare commute on the MAX Friday afternoon.

“I got off, started walking and I saw him, the victim, bleeding from the neck,” said Hall.

Before he knew any details, Hall says instinct kicked in to go after the suspect.

“My first process was, 'What can I do? Where did he go?' and someone said, ‘He ran over to the bridge,’” said Hall. “So I just took up running from the bridge up the stairs.”

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That's where he met Chase Robinson and Larry Blackwell. All three men who refused to let the suspect harm anyone else.

“I know that I would never ever be able to live with myself if I was party to him getting away,” said Robinson.

And they didn't.

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Hall took out his phone to document the confrontation with the suspect. From there, he says the men confronted the suspect, but then the suspect turned on them with a knife.

“The minute he saw me he started coming after me. He's like, 'You want some of me, you're a snitch, come on after me, you want some of this?' and started chasing me," Hall recalled.

The moment only intensified once police arrived. The suspect heard in the video, ‘Shoot me. Shoot me.’”

Hall’s shaky video is a clear indication of the danger these men put themselves in, but that didn't stop them from standing their ground.

“You just can't let people get away with that. You can't. We're a community and we're all in this together,” Hall said.

Together, Hall hopes, the community can stand up to end this kind of fear.

“You just got to do your part to protect everyone else. This has got to stop,” said Hall. “This is happening every week. This has got to stop.”

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