Woman comforts 10-year-old girl after deputies say she's struck by hit-and-run driver

Cora Nordmo says she helped comfort a 10-year-old girl after she was struck by a driver in a crosswalk in Mill City.

Deputies said a driver who hit a 10-year-old girl in a crosswalk in Mill City is facing felony charges including hit-and-run and other crimes.

KATU spoke with a woman named Cora Nordmo who called 911 and helped comfort the girl just after she was hit. She said a man on a motorcycle tracked down the driver.

The crash happened around 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the intersection of 3rd Avenue and Broadway Street.

"It was really scary," said Nordmo, who told KATU she had just turned the corner in her car when she heard the child get hit.

"I noticed her 'cause she had on this big hat," Nordmo explained. "It was like a red, white and blue hat. And when I looked back I just saw the hat in the road and the girl had got flung over into a yard. It was probably about 30 feet."

The Linn County Sheriff's Office said the girl was on her way to the school book fair.

"I just kind of grabbed her hand and held onto her hand and just talked to her while I was on the phone with 911," said Nordmo. "I was trying not to say out loud what was wrong with her 'cause I didn't want to freak her out."

Deputies identified the driver as 20-year-old Natasha Bodda.

They said Bodda slowed down at first then drove off.

Nordmo said a man on a motorcycle caught up with her several blocks away and convinced her to come back.

"She was kind of a mess and really distraught," Nordmo said.

While she was on the phone with the dispatcher she said the motorcyclist comforted the girl as well.

"Her leg was obviously broken and then she had a lot of scrapes and she hit her head really hard," Nordmo said. "Her head was bleeding."

Bodda was arraigned in court Friday on charges of driving under the influence of marijuana, second-degree assault and hit-and-run.

Deputies said the girl was taken to OHSU in Portland where she underwent surgery. They said she's expected to survive.

Court records show Bodda has no previous criminal history.

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