Woman says someone stole her dog from outside Milwaukie Safeway: 'We want her back'

Photo of Lola courtesy Melissa Swan

MILWAUKIE, Ore. – A woman says someone took her dog when she tied the pup up during a quick grocery run in Milwaukie.

Melissa Swan said she tied her dog Lola up outside the Milwaukie Safeway store on Sunday. When she came back, Lola was nowhere to be found.

Safeway employees think their surveillance cameras caught the dog snatcher in action.

Melissa says she won't ask questions if Lola is dropped off at a vet or shelter in the area.

"If you think you were doing a favor to the dog, she's very loved, she has a loving family that misses her, two little girls, an 8 and a 5-year-old who are just beside themselves worrying about her. We're all worried about her and we want her back," Swan said.

She tells KATU News that she's learned a lesson -- no matter how much your dog might love to tag along on a trip around town, it's not worth risking it if you have to leave them unsupervised for any amount of time.

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