Woman thwarts apartment attack by drawing permitted concealed handgun from purse

Marques Hardges faces charges of attempted sodomy, sex abuse, burglary and theft.

A Northeast Portland woman thwarted an attack inside her apartment by brandishing a permitted concealed handgun from her purse, police say.

According to recently filed court documents, Portland police responded to an apartment building near Northeast Shaver Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard on July 31.

The woman told police that on July 26, a man exposed himself and stole money.

According to court documents, she noticed a man in the lobby of her secure building. She says he followed her into the elevator.

During the elevator ride, she told police the man said he was messed up and had just "shot up crystal meth."

The woman reported that the man got off on the same floor as her apartment. He walked to one of her neighbor's door while she walked to her door. When she opened her door, the man ran up and pushed her inside, she said.

The man "wildly looked around" and reportedly grabbed a "pill bottle" and "$60 cash."

She told police the man then pulled down his pants and exposed himself, and then asked her to perform sex acts.

Documents say she then drew a permitted, concealed handgun from her purse.

The man reportedly dropped the pill bottle and ran out with the cash.

The woman told police a visitor she was expecting dialed in over the intercom. She told the friend to take photos of the man as he ran away. The photos were given to police, who immediately recognized the man as Marques Hardges, 43, of Portland.

On Aug. 13, TriMet officers spotted Hardges at Southeast Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Taylor Street and took him into custody.

Court records show Hardges has an extensive criminal history, dating to the early 1990s.

Jail records show he's been convicted of 14 felonies, 10 misdemeanors and 30 parole violations.

At the time of this alleged incident, Hardges was on parole for drug and public indecency convictions.

He faces charges of attempted sodomy, sex abuse, burglary and theft.

Hardges remains in jail. His next court appearance is Aug. 22.

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