Women roofers spotlighted in Habitat for Humanity home

Women roofers stand in front of a Habitat for Humanity home in Northeast Portland on Tuesday, Dec. 11, 2018. (KATU Photo)

You probably know that the need for affordable housing is critical in the Portland area, but less talked about is the need for construction workers.

That's why an event Tuesday in Northeast Portland was doubly important.

Volunteers put a roof on a Habitat for Humanity home. But who did the work spotlights an area from which developers could draw: women.

Volunteers with the group National Women in Roofing say there's good money to be made in the building industry.

“The guys get paid very well. Women would make a lot of money doing this,” said Stephanie Baird, general manager for Bliss Roofing. “It’s a trade. College isn’t for everyone. There’s no education requirements. There’s just a need to, a willingness to work hard.”

Right now, roofing is a male-dominated profession, but Baird says she's hopeful more women will give it a try.

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