WW: The race for District 24 is all about housing

(KATU Graphic)

The state senator representing one of the most populated areas of the region is facing something rare: not one but two challengers in a Democratic primary.

And it’s because Sen. Rod Monroe of Portland voted against legislation last year that would have strengthened renters’ rights, said Rachel Monahan, a reporter at KATU’s news partners at Willamette Week, who appeared in the KATU studio’s Wednesday.

Monroe is a landlord.

“(The race) is all about housing,” Monahan said.

Monroe’s two challengers are Shemia Fagan, a former legislator in the House, and Kayse Jama, the executive director of Unite Oregon.

Monahan wrote about the future of District 24 in this week’s edition of Willamette Week. Read it here.

Watch the segment above.

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