WW: 'Who do you think they're going to believe?'

A jury found Kyle Shaver not guilty on charges of rape but guilty on three misdemeanors.

They’re some of the toughest cases you’ll see in court.

One of them played out on the national stage last year when Christine Blasey Ford accused U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sex assault.

The country, it seemed, was divided. But it was just a glimpse at what happens on a regular basis in local courtrooms across America.

The same week as the Kavanaugh hearing, a jury in Oregon City weighed the fate of Kyle Shaver, who was accused of raping his girlfriend’s 15-year-old sister.

That case is the focus of an article in this week’s Willamette Week called “Who do you think they’re going to believe?”

The article was written by Steve Duin, but WW reporter Nigel Jaquiss joined KATU’s Steve Dunn in the studio Wednesday to discuss the topic.

Watch the segment by clicking above. To read the story, click here.

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