Yakima man struggles to buy diapers, food for kids, after paycheck goes undelivered

Yakima man struggles to buy diapers, food for kids, after paycheck goes undelivered

YAKIMA, Wash. -- "Your poor management of your money isn’t my problem," said local Jason Frink.

Frink says that’s what a worker at the UPS Store in Union Gap told him, when he went there to ask for a paycheck he was expecting to have been delivered, last Wednesday.

Frink says his final paycheck from his last employer, H&R Block, was overnighted to him from Kansas City, but because of all the winter weather, it was delayed - again, and again, and again.

"We offered to, while it was stuck in Redmond for 48 hours, we offered to pick it up there in Redmond," said Frink.

But, he says UPS wouldn’t allow him to.

So when it finally arrived in Union Gap on Friday, he got excited, thinking he’d finally be able to buy some diapers and put some food in his fridge to feed his three kids, but he was wrong.

"They say its backlogged by seven other trucks and they have to deal with the seven other trucks before they can even think about touching ours," said Frink.

Frink says he was told by UPS he should expect his paycheck to be delivered by Tuesday, at the earliest, nearly a week after he was expecting it.

In response to Frink’s trouble, UPS Spokesman Kyle Peterson issued a statement saying, “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’ll escalate the situation with the intent of making the customer as happy as possible.”

But, Frink says its too late. He says his father-in-law had to buy some diapers and food for the family to make it through the weekend, and he even had to borrow money from his 16-year-old son.

"I literally had to sit down and let them know that my paycheck didn’t come in. I owe my son $100, because he loaned it to me, that he was supposed to get [back] this Friday, because he wanted to go to the mall, play video games," he said.

He says he’s not looking for revenge, but wants his story to get out to keep it from happening to other families who are depending on important packages to arrive when expected, like a paycheck.

Frink said, "This isn’t retribution. This isn’t me getting back out there, this is me ensuring this doesn’t happen to somebody else."

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