Third gender option - 'not specified' - now official in Oregon


A third gender option - "not specified" - is now official in Oregon.

Monday was the first day Oregon residents could classify themselves as non-binary, or X, instead of male or female on their driver's licenses at the DMV.

Lake Perriguey with Law Works worked on the legislation with his client Jamie Shupe.

“Many people in our state and throughout the country identify as non-binary or something other than male or female,” said Perriguey. “So today, they can get a license that accurately reflects their gender for the first time and we are the first state in the United States to do this.”

The lines formed early at local DMVs to get the new marker.

“It is a really historic moment,” said Shel Tomerantz who was one of the first in line. “To have this recognized by a bureaucracy like the DMV, it is a really special moment to say this is a thing that is valid. It is a recognition that we have known for our entire lives."

“I’m non-binary and yeah, it’s the ID that fits me and the gender marker that fits me,” said Jackson Brown. ”You know, I get questioned about whether I am a boy or a girl so for me, going back home having some sort of validation in my pocket of where I do fit, so when I do explain that, it’s just that extra thing. It feels really good.”

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