Man sets parents' home on fire trying to burn spiders with blow torch


FRESNO, Calif. – Authorities say man in California accidentally set his parent’s house on fire while trying to clear out spiders, according to ABC News.

The incident happened in Northeast Fresno, where the man was house-sitting for his parents.

He told officials he found black widow spiders in the home. He tried to clear them out with a blow torch.

Instead of exterminating the spiders, he caught the house on fire.

Firefighters (perhaps unsurprisingly) suggest other methods for getting rid of unwanted pests.

“We don't ever recommend using some type of heating device like that to get rid of any vermin or spiders. There are agencies you can call for that. At this point, this probably was a bad idea to do so and a lot of damage to the home," said Tony Escobedo, a Battalion Chief for Fresno Fire.

Part of the garage and second floor burned before firefighters were able to put the flames out.

No one was hurt.

There's no word on the estimated damage to the home. Officials haven’t commented on whether the spiders are still in the house.

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