New York bar limits parents to 1 drink if dining with their kids


Most bars will serve alcoholic beverages to adults over 21 years old, no matter who they are with.

One bar in New York, however, has a policy specifically for parents. If their child is eating with them, they can only have one drink.

Melisa Gravelle, owner of Peddlers Bar & Bistro, said it is their way of taking a stand against drunk driving - especially when there are kids involved.

Bartenders say most of the time people are okay with the policy. If parents don't want to follow the rule, they're asked to leave.

“The (servers) do get berated at the tables, and some come back very, very upset. But the managers go to the table and they explain, we're not picking on parents, it's just something that we feel in our hearts is something that we can do in order to help,” said Gravelle.

Legally, the restaurant does have the right to enforce their rule, which has been in place for seven years.

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