Pompeo: North Korea understands 'there will be in-depth verification' in any US deal

FILE- U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo speaks during a press briefing Monday, June 11, 2018 (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said North Korea understands 'there will be in-depth verification' of nuclear commitments in any deal with US.

Pompeo also said that joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises will resume if North Korea stops negotiating in good faith over its nuclear program.

Pompeo is in South Korea a day after President Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un and announced the U.S. would freeze what he called "war games" with North Korea.

Pompeo says he was there when Trump talked about it with Kim. He says Trump "made very clear" that the condition for the freeze was that good-faith talks continue. He says if the U.S. concludes they no longer are in good faith, the freeze "will no longer be in effect."

Pompeo added that Trump was "unambiguous" in conveying that to Kim.

U.S. talks with North Korea will resume "sometime in the next week." The secretary said he doesn't know the exact timing.

Speaking in Seoul, he says he expects it to happen fairly quickly after he and the North Koreans return to their nations. Pompeo returns late Thursday to the U.S.

He says President Donald Trump is "in the lead" but that "I will be the person who takes the role of driving this process forward."

He says much more work has been done by the U.S. and North Korean that couldn't be encapsulated in the Trump-Kim Jong Un statement. So he says teams will now work to make more progress on those items.

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