Wash. Attorney General wants order blocking first travel ban to apply to new order

Washington state's attorney general is asking a federal judge to affirm that an order blocking President Donald Trump's first travel ban will also apply to a revised travel ban.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson in Seattle made the announcement about the legal challenge to the revised travel ban:

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum confirmed Thursday that her state's request to join the case had been granted. Massachusetts and New York attorneys general also plan on joining the lawsuit.

Earlier this week, Pres. Trump signed a new travel order that removed Iraq from the list of countries "compromised by terrorism" that need "a more rigorous vetting process."

The new ban goes into effect March 16 and bars new visas for people from six predominantly Muslim countries (Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iran, Libya and Yemen) and temporarily shuts down the U.S. refugee program.

Unlike the initial order, the new order says current visa holders will not be affected and removes language that would give priority to religious minorities.

Hawaii on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Trump's revised travel ban, saying the order will harm its Muslim population, tourism and foreign students.

Here's the Oregon Republican Party's response to Thursday's announcement:

"It is simply not credible that Washington State and Oregon would even have standing since this new order only applies to foreign nationals outside of the country who hadn’t received a visa by January 27th and not to Green Card holders. Even if a court concludes that they have standing, they are putting far left activism ahead of the safety and security of the United States and we believe they won’t prevail in interfering with the clear authority of the President and Congress under the law and the Constitution. The lives of Americans aren't some kind of acceptable loss in the Democrats “America Last” quest to feel good about themselves as they try to make the rest of the world happy. Perhaps they could better focus on the pressing needs of their states citizens instead."

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