California neighborhood buried in tumbleweeds as the desert winds blow

Tumbleweeds bury a home in Victorville, California on April 16, 2018 (Photo courtesy: Cassidee Jeann Dunn)

While the Midwest was digging out from record snowfall, some homeowners in southern California were digging out from...tumbleweeds?

A blast of wind coming in from the nearby desert buried some homes in tumbleweeds in Victorville, Calif.

City spokeswoman Sue Jones tells the Daily Press that as many as 150 homes were affected in a neighborhood that faces open desert.

Some homes had tumbleweeds piled as high as the second story. The city and San Bernardino County Fire Department sent crews to rake up the weeds and load them into trash trucks.

Weather reports out of the Victorville Airport showed 12 hours of gusty winds with speeds reaching as high as 35-40 mph. A High Wind Warning had been in effect for the region for gusts as high as 65 mph, reported the Victor Valley News.

Tumbleweed invasions in the neighborhood aren't new. A similar event happened in December.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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