If you've ever wanted to show off your kneecaps, 'clear knee mom jeans' are here to help

Nordstrom reveals 'clear knee jeans' online (Photo: CNN Newsource)

(WKEF/WRGT) - For the fashionista who has everything, Nordstrom is releasing a garment you never knew you needed -- "clear knee mom jeans."

The bizarre jeans, made by TopShop are being advertised on Nordstrom's website and will cost you $95 for a pair. The jeans are cropped below the knee and sit high on your waist, hence dubbing them "mom jeans."

According to Nordstrom.com, the jeans have a "futuristic feel." Right now it's not clear how many people have actually bought a pair.

Of course we can always count on the internet to chime in, and so far reviews of the jeans are just what you might expect.

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