School's dress code policy requires students to get on their knees to be measured

School's policy forces student to get down on knees to measure skirt length. (CBS Newspath, KOTV)

SKIATOOK, Okla. (WKRC) - Victoria Taylor is in the 10th grade and for the first time at Skiatook High she was sent to the principal's office over the length of her skirt.

Victoria's father Bill Evans said, "It's pretty degrading and embarrassing to make a girl get down on their knees and have them measure from the floor up in front of people."

According to the Skiatook Student Handbook, skirts or dresses that are any shorter than a maximum of six inches above the knee are prohibited.

Length of garments are measured from the floor while the student is in a kneeling position.

Bill was outraged.

"She's tall, thin, long legs so clothes fit her differently than someone who is shorter and heavier. It's virtually impossible to buy shorts that would fit in the dress code," Bill said.

Her mother Angela Evans said, "I think she looks completely appropriate. It's a modest outfit, she's obviously not being provocative."

After taking Victoria jeans to change into they took their frustration to Facebook where most sounded off saying there was nothing wrong with her outfit.

Her parents hope they will revisit the dress code policy.

"In my opinion they can't have a one size fits all policy," Bill said.

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