Amendment to bill would establish task force on self-driving vehicles

FILE Photo -- Cruise AV: The First Car With No Steering Wheel. (Photo: General Motors/January 2018)

Representatives heard testimony on a bill Monday that could put self-driving cars on Oregon roads.

Many of the people testifying were largely in support of House Bill 4063.

Among other things, the bill, as introduced, requires the driver to be in the driver seat and paying attention. Additionally, a driver must be able to take control of the car when necessary.

The bill requires the Oregon Department of Transportation to develop the rules for the operation of self-driving vehicles to ensure they are used safely and comply with state law.

But an amendment has been introduced that replaces the bill as it was originally proposed. The amendment establishes ODOT as the lead agency responsible for self-driving vehicle programs and creates a 19-member task force. The task force would be charged with developing a bill to be introduced next year.

Another amendment is in the works to expand the task force to ensure local jurisdictions are included.

The House Committee on Transportation Policy has not yet adopted any amendments.

Another public hearing and possible work session before the committee are scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 14 at 8 a.m. in Hearing Room D.

Track this bill here.

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