Metro voters to decide housing bond in November

KATU File Photo.

The Metro Council gave its approval to a new housing bond Thursday.

But it’s not the final word. Voters will now decide whether to implement the bond on the November ballot.

The bond would create affordable housing for roughly 12,000 people throughout the metro area.

Local leaders are united by the cause, but not all of them are sold on the strategy.

"I would say, for $650 million, we might be better served to focus that on the education component and not simply on the hard structures," said Tualatin Mayor Lou Ogden during a taping of KATU's political show, "Your Voice Your Vote."

"I don't want anyone to think that we solve society's problems by investing just in housing, but what we do is for about 12,000 people, we give them a fair shot," said Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish during the same taping.

The bond would raise more than $650 million, which will be used for construction costs.

As for how it’ll affect you, homeowners in the metro area would pay about $60 a year.

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