Students elect Gervais fifth-grader as Oregon's Kid Governor

Oregon Secretary of State congratulates Willamette Valley Christian School fifth-grader Dom Peters for being elected Oregon's Kid Governor. (KATU Photo)

Move over Gov. Kate Brown, there’s a new leader in town, and he’s only in the fifth-grade.

Earlier this month, fifth-graders across the state nominated their peers to become Kid Governor. They chose Dom Peters, who attends Willamette Valley Christian School in Brooks.

Candidates had to create campaign videos and choose a platform. Students voted during the state’s election week.

Watch Peters' campaign video:

Peters focused on anti-bullying.

“I’ve actually been bullied before, and I just thought that I should try and stop it,” he said.

“We hope to set up an opportunity for him to come and testify before one of the committees and talk about why bullying is such a problem and what can be done to help stop it,” said Oregon Secretary of State Dennis Richardson.

Peters will be inaugurated for a one-year term in early January at the state Capitol.

The Kid Governor program is a nationwide civics education effort. Oregon is only the second state to participate.

Richardson said more than 1,350 fifth-graders statewide registered to vote in this year’s election.

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