Vancouver elects first woman mayor, Anne McEnerny-Ogle

Anne McEnerny-Ogle speaks to supporters Tuesday night after winning the Vancouver mayor's race in a landslide. (KATU Photo)

The minute Anne McEnerny-Ogle walked into her election party at Warehouse '23, you could tell she was in her element. The handshakes, the hugs and speaking one-on-one to her constituents seemed to come natural to her.

Months of planning culminated in Tuesday night.

"I didn't take anything for granted. I kept my focus for 11 months. I wanted to keep my focus to the very last moment," said McEneny-Ogle.

Her one opponent, Stephen Cox, dropped out in September, leaving City Councilor McEnerny-Ogle as the only candidate for mayor. Cox stayed on the ballot along with write-in candidate Jonathan Sauerwein. McEnerny-Ogle won more than two-thirds of the votes in Vancouver and made history as the city's first female mayor.

"I'm absolutely honored to be the first one, but I'm not by myself. I think of all the men and women that have been a part of my life," she said. "We're moving Vancouver forward. This is exciting times."

She'll take over for Timothy Leavitt. They shared four years on the City Council together.

"She'll bring a fresh perspective, a perspective that's different than mine," said Leavitt.

After serving the city for 15 years as a city councilor and mayor, he's ready to pass the baton.

"Go get 'em, Anne! I know you'll do great," he said. "I look forward to sitting back as prior mayor and watch her grow in the position and watch her leadership continue to advance our community."

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