VP Biden endorses Kate Brown for Oregon's governor seat

Gov. Kate Brown, D-Oregon, smiles after state lawmakers pass a tax break for small businesses, which she called them to vote on during a special session.

SALEM, Ore. – Former Vice President Joe Biden is weighing in on Oregon’s governor race, formally endorsing incumbent candidate Kate Brown for the position.

Brown is seeking reelection in November. The other front-runner in the race is the Republican nominee, Bend doctor and state Rep. Knute Buehler.

VP Biden issued his endorsement on Wednesday, praising several things that she’s accomplished, from automatic voter registration, a commitment to end coal-fired electricity, and passing the nation’s most comprehensive reproductive health coverage law.

“Kate's record of strong, progressive leadership has helped put Oregon at the forefront of the nation's future. She's fighting for working families, better schools for our kids, and equity and opportunity for every Oregonian,” Biden said.

“She's committed to protecting the environment, fighting for Oregonian's healthcare, and she won't let any politician in Washington get in her way. I'm proud to endorse her for re-election as Oregon's governor,” he continued.

Brown has already received a slew of endorsements from a “broad coalition of working people” like teachers, firefighters and nurses. She said it was an honor to have Vice President Biden’s endorsement.

"His humble and steadfast leadership has always been an inspiration to me. I’m glad to have him on my team,” Brown said Wednesday.

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