'Your Voice, Your Vote': Judge Vance Day on allegations against him

What happens when people's rights and liberties come in conflict with each other? How do you work it out?

We've seen a dramatic showdown in Kentucky, involving county clerk Kim Davis, who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples on religious grounds. She was sent to jail and then released. Her office is now issuing marriage licenses again to anyone seeking them.

And there is a controversy right here in Oregon getting national attention, too. Marion County Judge Vance Day is under investigation by the Oregon Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability in part over his refusal to officiate same-sex weddings. He cites his religious convictions as the reason why.

He's our first guest this week on the show.

And in the second segment, one of the last great mysteries surrounding the terrorist attacks on America has yet to be unmasked. Parts of the congressional probe into 9/11 have been kept secret from the public under two U.S. administrations.

We bring you a special report as part of the launch of our new weekly investigative program "Full Measure" with Sharyl Attkisson.

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