Oregon Zoo gets $24K grant to study Eagle Creek Fire's impact on pika population

Pika visible on a talus slope in the Columbia River Gorge. © Oregon Zoo / photo by Michael Durham.

The Oregon Zoo received a $24,000 grant to study what kind of impact the Eagle Creek Fire last year had on the pika population.

The Eagle Creek Fire burned thousands of acres in the Columbia River Gorge, and ravaged through much of the pika habitat.

The zoo's proposal was one of 168 projects nationwide pitching for a grant, and became one of four awarded a grant earlier this year.

The Forest Service will lend a hand to the zoo - as will volunteers and members of the community. You can sign up online to become part of the Cascade Pika Watch.

“This grant provides us with an ideal opportunity to take action for wildlife,” said Dr. David Shepherdson, Oregon Zoo deputy conservation manager. “In the wake of the Eagle Creek Fire, it’s especially important that we collect data on our unique pika population.”

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