Video: WW reporter Rachel Monahan talks about Portland's skyscraper backlash

Willamette Week reporter Rachel Monahan appears in the KATU studios Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018 to discuss her story about Portland's skyscraper backlash. (KATU Photo)

Portland’s skyline is changing.

We’ve talked about the battle between the need for more housing and new buildings imposing on those that already exist.

Our news partners at Willamette Week have been digging into the skyscraper backlash. Reporter Rachel Monahan wrote an article in this week’s edition of the newspaper.

At issue, as Monahan notes, is a bit of irony. Residents who have spent big money to live in a condominium high above the city streets are balking at plans that call for even taller buildings. The condo owners fear their views of things like the Fremont Bridge and Mount Hood will be obscured.

But some people want taller buildings. One 23-year-old man from Grants Pass in Monahan's article says Portland "has served as a beacon of hope and opportunity for my generation of rural Oregonians. You're not going to hear us talking about heights and views. ... We need more housing."

And with an Urban Growth Boundary, the of the only ways Portland can add housing is by building up -- literally.

The City Council is grappling with how high developers will be able to build their buildings. City commissioners are expected to vote on the Central City 2035 plan in March.

Monahan joined KATU’s Lincoln Graves and Deb Knapp on Wednesday to discuss the issue. Watch above.

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