Oregon Rep. Blumenauer on federal marijuana shift, looking ahead to 2018

Rep Earl Blumenauer on KATU's 'Your Voice, Your Vote' on January 7, 2018.jpg

We're a full week into the new year, and there have already been several political bombshells from Washington D.C.

One that could directly impact Oregon and Washington was Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ reversal of an Obama-era policy that allowed recreational marijuana markets to flourish.

Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer, one of the local politicians speaking out about the pot policy shift, joined KATU’s Deb Knapp to cover what it could mean for states where pot is legal.

“It is potentially very unsettling. This is a $7 billion a year business, 20 million Americans use marijuana every month, and the majority support it,” said Rep. Blumenauer.

The congressman also covered some of the other big stories on Capitol Hill, from the Republican tax plan to where Congress can find bipartisan support for issues in 2018.

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