Your Voice, Your Vote: Lawmakers offer fresh perspective on 2017 legislative session

Rep Richard Vial and Rep Janelle Bynum sit down with KATU's Steve Dunn.

Lawmakers in Salem faced several controversial issues through this legislative session, including reform for the Oregon Public Employees Retirement System, tax increases, and rent control.

However not everything got done.

In this weekend’s edition of “Your Voice, Your Vote,’ we talk with Rep. Janelle Bynum and Rep. Richard Vial to get a fresh perspective on the 2017 session.

“I think we're still in conversation,” said Rep. Bynum. “We're still moving forward. The liability is an issue and effects our credit rating. We're making progress.”

One of the important issues looming in Salem is the public pension system.

“We're going to have to find a revenue source to address PERS. There is no other way to deal with PERS... But i think we've been lying to ourselves too long,” said Rep. Vial.

KATU’s Steve Dunn also has a conversation about how well Republicans and Democrats get along, and whether the bipartisanship is it anything like what we’re seeing in Washington, D.C.

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