Your Voice, Your Vote: Mayor Wheeler offers update on Portland homelessness

Mayor Ted Wheeler and KATU's Steve Dunn

On this week’s edition of “Your Voice, Your Vote,” Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler offers some insight on the city’s status with the homelessness crisis.

KATU’s Steve Dunn sat down with the mayor to ask what's being done to keep homeless people from setting up camp again this summer. In particular, the popular bike trail and nature walk in Southeast Portland where the city held a sweep.

"Some folks are worried about Springwater Corridor. Campers coming back. What's the city doing to prevent it from happening?” Dunn asked.

“We have made a concerted effort not to allow large groups to congregate in one place - that was the lesson of the Springwater Corridor under the Hales administration," said Wheeler.

They cover several other city topics, including what needs to be done to reduce the bitter partisan animosity - both in the city and across the country.

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