Your Voice, Your Vote: Meet Greg Wooldridge, candidate in Oregon's GOP governor race

Oregon Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Wooldridge - KATU image

A former Blue Angels stunt pilot is trying to pull off another tricky maneuver - getting elected governor of Oregon as a Republican.

Greg Wooldridge is one of the candidates seeking the party’s nomination in the 2018 election. | Seven GOP candidates face off in Oregon gubernatorial debate

Wooldridge sat down with Your Voice, Your Vote to talk about his take on how to fix PERS, school security, and the massive protests lead by high school shooting survivors, demanding action on gun violence.

“I think it's a beautiful exercise of the First Amendment. We should be able to come out and speak like we feel. I think it's a very emotional issue right now. It should be, it's tragic. But let's take a look at where the problem lies," said Wooldridge.

You can watch his full interview with Lincoln Graves below:

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