Your Voice, Your Vote: Portland's new police chief Danielle Outlaw

PPB Chief Danielle Outlaw with KATU's Steve Dunn.jpg

Now more than a week on the job, Portland’s new Police Chief Danielle Outlaw sat down with KATU’s Steve Dunn to discuss how things are going.

Chief Outlaw spoke about how she plans to connect officers with the communities that they serve.

Outlaw spent 19 years at the Oakland Police Department, and says she was drawn to Portland because of the many similar problems plaguing both cities. Both have a rapidly increasing population, but are battling with homelessness as well as police staffing shortages.

She has also dealt with tensions between the police and protesters.

"I need to actually see the training that we get as far as crowd management and how we use our less lethal munitions," she said. "I need to sit down and talk with the folks that are involved with the planning for these incidents as well. It's too easy for me to say whether or not there need to be changes, but I certainly encourage and value critical review, which is what I've stated and we'll go from there."

Watch the full interview below:

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