Your Voice, Your Vote: What is being done in local schools to improve classroom safety?

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The mother of Emilio Hoffman, the 14-year-old student who was shot and killed at Reynolds High School nearly four years ago, wants to know why it's taking so long to implement changes to keep students safe.

Jennifer Hoffman joined Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts to discuss what's being done - and what needs to be done - to improve school safety.

Hoffman says changes can't come soon enough.

"I feel so bad for every parent who walks the same journey. It kind of makes me angry a little bit too, that we haven't figured this out in order to keep our kids safe," she said. “After the first one, I look at other things - not school shootings - that have been a threat to our airports and the different security measures that have changed so quickly and I send my daughter on a plane 13 times a year. I feel safe doing that. I don't feel safe sending her to school.”

We also talked with Jodi Sherwood of the "SafeOregon" campaign, which lets student send in anonymous tips for school safety.

MORE INFO: Students can report safety tips to authorities through OSP's SafeOregon program

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