PSU basketball team is playing away, even at home while new Vikings Pavilion is built

Construction is underway on the new Vikings Pavilion. (KATU Photo)

The PSU Vikings were practicing this week at the Portland State gym. It’s the only place they can truly call home these days.

“We’ve kind of had to just adopt that, saying we don’t care where we play or who we play, we’re just going to play, so that’s kind of how it’s been,” says Vikings Head Coach Barret Peery.

About 100 feet from the gym construction continues on the new Vikings Pavilion. Without a home court, the Vikings are playing all their home games at Lewis & Clark College.

“I mean, it’s been a challenge to a certain extent,” says senior guard Bryce Canda. “It really doesn’t matter where we play, but most of us really like to play on the road and play better at other people’s places anyway, so we treat it like a road game.”

Senior guard Deontae North feels pretty much the same.

“We don’t care if we play on blacktop,” says North, adding, “We just come and bring the play how we play and hopefully come out with the win.”

Speaking of wins, Portland State is coming off one of their biggest of the season, a last-second victory at Idaho, 73-72, on Saturday, Jan. 6, with freshman Holland “Boo Boo” Woods getting the game winner.

“Honestly, I was in the right place at the right time,” says Woods. “I’m supposed to always get back on defense, but I just crashed this one time and I happened to be in the right spot.”

The Viking Pavilion will be the spot to be next season for PSU Basketball, and it’s coming along great.

“I’m excited, you know, just to be getting there and finally play next year,” says PSU junior guard Deonte Strickland, who will be a senior next season. “I think it’s coming along good.”

“It’s fun to see it go forward and move up every day,” says Coach Peery. “Whether it’s new windows or new doors or something that you see new each week. It’s exciting because you literally get to see the progress every single day.”

The Viking Pavilion is scheduled to open in April.

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