PSU Viking 'Boo Boo' Woods brings colorful kicks to the court

Boo Boo's shoes - KATU image.

You’ve heard the expression, walk a mile in his shoes. Well, when it comes to the PSU Vikings Holland “Boo Boo” Woods, the phrase might be play a game in his shoes.

This week at Vikings practice, Woods was wearing black tennis shoes.

“Those are about as mellow as it gets,” says PSU Head Coach Barret Peery, adding, “usually there’s some sort of flourish color on there, but today it was pretty mellow.”

Yes, Woods is known for his basketball shoes and he has a whole lot of them.

“Probably about like 20, 30 pairs,” says Woods. I asked him how he decides which ones to wear.

“I kind of ask my friends,” says Holland. “(I) go on my Instagram sometimes. Post a couple of pairs and let them vote and just have fun with it that way.”

Lots of shoes and lots of colors, including Kyrie Irving’s of the Boston Celtics.

“Kyrie’s always been my favorite player,” says Woods. “So I’ve always grown up wearing those. I played in the Nike EYBL and I met him a couple times like playing there, so like, he gave me one pair one time so like ever since then I’ve been with him and his shoes since then.”

Kyrie has the cereal pack now with Kix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Lucky Charms.

“Yeah, and I just got the other ones, “ says Holland. “The Lucky Charms pair. I wore them against BYU and they ripped. So I got to get them fixed right now, but they’ll be back soon.”

Does Peery have a favorite pair that “Boo Boo” has worn?

“No, I tell him I don’t like any of them,” says Peery. “So, I don’t like any of them, but I don’t want him to get soft on me, so I try to be hard on him.”

In the game with Loyola-Marymount, Woods wore two different pairs.

“In the first half I slipped like three times,” says Woods. “So I got irritated. Got a little irritated with one pair, so I had to switch into another one.”

No matter what style or color, one thing that is consistent is Boo Boo’s play on the court. He’s averaging more than 14 points per game.

“He’s a good kid,” says Peery. “He’s a great representative of our program. A guy that, day in and day out, does things right and he continues to grow and get better and better.”

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