Former Blazer great Terry Porter coaches sons at University of Portland

FILE -- Former Portland Trail Blazers great Terry Porter is now the head coach of the Portland Pilots. (KATU File Photo)

Portland Pilots head basketball coach Terry Porter has lived a life of basketball, and the former Trail Blazers great continues to live it -- now with both of his sons.

Franklin Porter is a redshirt sophomore and Malcolm Porter is a redshirt freshman. Both play basketball for the University of Portland.

“It’s a blast; it’s a lot of fun,” says Porter, adding, “don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy, but it is fun just to be on their journey and see how it goes for them.”

Like father, like sons. Both Franklin and Malcolm are guards like their dad; however, they are both an inch taller than Terry, at 6 feet 4 inches.

Franklin starts and averages 11 points per game. Malcolm comes off the bench and averages six points per contest.

I asked Malcolm if it was hard playing for his dad.

“There are times, but no,” says Malcolm, “because he pushes me harder than other teammates, I feel like. And he wants me to do the best I can do. Sometimes it’s hard, but it’s whatever. He’s my dad first and my coach second.”

I asked Franklin what he enjoyed most about playing for his dad.

“Just being to see him all the time,” says Franklin. “Like when I was little, he would always be gone coaching or playing, not being around him all the time, and now I get to be around him a lot more than I had previously.”

Porter is one of the greatest Blazers of all time. He was a two time all-star, who had his number retired in 2008. Terry spent close to 30 years in the NBA as a player and coach.

Malcolm never saw his dad in the NBA; however, he’s seen some highlights of Dad, who has more assists than any Blazer in history with 5,319.

“I’ve seen tapes on TV of him playing and he was like really, really good,” says Malcolm. “It’s kind of funny to see my dad out there playing against Michael Jordan and all these players that I’ve seen.”

However, Coach Porter is now 54, and I asked both Franklin and Malcolm if they could beat their dad.

“Yes, I’ve been able to beat him for a while,” says Franklin, laughing. “He’s pretty old now, yes.”

“Oh, he’s too old,” says Malcolm, who also acknowledged that he can also beat his dad.

Terry took it all in stride, laughing as well.

“I’ve officially passed the torch. I’m the old man,” says Terry, laughing. “I’m officially the old man. They can say they beat me!”

Then he paused and said.

“It’s a proud moment. It’s a proud moment to have your kids pass you.”

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