'December drought' continues, at least another week of dry weather ahead

Photo by Mike Warner

I just finished looking at the long-range model data. It looks like we are going to stay locked into this very unusual pattern for a while longer. So far, we've only gotten .37" of rain for the month at PDX.

The last measurable rainfall was on Sunday, Dec. 3.


The University of Washington's WRF model is ultra-reliable and says we'll likely have another full week of dry weather. So when's the next measurable rainfall possible? According to the models, it could be until Monday, Dec. 18 - a week before Christmas!

Our driest December ever was in 1976 - there was 1.38" of rain recorded at PDX. The longest dry streak in December for the Rose City were 13 days in 1985.

In the meantime, if you want winter weather think... Texas?? At last check, Houston was seeing snow and rain mixed. Truly an upside down month for weather!

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