Record "heat" makes for some spooky fog scenes along our area's lakes

Fog on Seattle's Green Lake (Photo: Doug Pigsley)

SEATTLE -- The tropical air that has invaded Western Washington this week is not only breaking records and making for some usually muggy conditions, it's responsible for creating some surreal fog scenes along the area's lakes.

Temperatures were in the upper 50s early Wednesday morning - Seattle's brief dip to 56 degrees would still qualify as the warmest November night on record -- and dew points were just a touch cooler in the mid 50s.

But the water temperature at Green Lake and Lake Washington were near 50 degrees, and as that water cooled the air just above the surface, it dropped the temperatures from the upper 50s to the mid 50s-- matching the dew point and creating saturation and a thin layer of fog.

It was particularly surreal on the eastern part of Lake Washington, where light winds above the fog layer created a bit of a "tidal fog" as Snoqualmie Ridge Weather described it:

These waves are caused by light wind shear where winds along the fog layer flow opposite to the winds just above the layer.

Seattle has since broken the record high for the day with a 62 degree reading at 10 a.m. -- breaking the old record at Sea-Tac Airport of 58 degrees set in 1959.

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